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Tree of Fellowship
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The Tree of Fellowship event in Rise of Kingdoms is a time limited special event where you work with other members of alliance to unlock various tiers of rewards that are given to all alliance members.

Tree of Fellowship Event - Rise of Kingdoms
Tree of Fellowship Event - Rise of Kingdoms

There are two ways to contribute to the Tree of Fellowship, using gems directly or using water.


There is a Fertilize button which costs 100 gems to use, if you purchase Fertilize, then you will add some score to the Tree of Fellowship, plus you will also receive a Flower Petal which you can use, in conjunction with other items, to exchange for rewards in the Sunny Breeze event.

The Flower Petal is an important item to try to get, so it is a nice reward for using 100 gems.


The other way to contribute to the Tree of Fellowship is to complete the tasks in the Spring in the Air event, basically this means defeating barbarians on the map, collecting resources in your city and collecting resources on the map. Each time to complete one of those tasks you stand the chance of collecting Pots of Dew.

You can then use those pots of dew in the Tree of Fellowship by tapping the water button. If you have any pots of dew the water button will be clickable, you'll also receive Green Leaf for contributing in this way.

Don't forget to collect your pots of dew from your mail, if you have won any from defeating barbarians or collecting resources, the mail where you can collect the Pots of Dew will be in the system folder. Use the Read and Claim All button to get everything quickly!

Top Contributors

In the Tree of Fellowship event there is a top contributors link so you can see who from you alliance is participating and doing well, and who is lagging behind or not getting involved. I'm lucky to be part of an incredible alliance so we are sure to easily unlock all 15 levels of rewards.

If your alliance is not really getting through this event and you want to find another, check out our page on Finding a Good Alliance, and Joining an Alliance.

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