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How to Teleport

How to Teleport
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You can teleport in the game to allow you to move closer to any alliance that you join. Or for whatever reason that you might want to move to another area of the map.

There are different ways to teleport and they are listed below:

Beginners Teleport

This is usable only within the first 10 days of you starting to the play the game and as well as allowing you to teleport anywhere in your existing kingdom, it also allows you to teleport to another kingdom!

Random Teleport

With this teleport you can move your City to any random location on a map. You just can't use it when a rallied army is fighting against you. It doesn't sound that great actually, and the other teleport if the one that I would use.

Territorial Teleport

You can use the territorial teleport to move your City to any area (as long as you can find space) within your Alliance's territory boundaries.

You can find out how to teleport by following the instructions below, or by watching the video that we have embedded at the end of this page if it is still not clear.

If you have just started playing and want to teleport, then tap the 'Items' link at the bottom of the game screen, then select the tab, 'Others' and find the icon which has a square castle with four green arrows coming out of it. This is the Beginners Teleport. If you don't have one then hopefully you have the icon with the square castle with purple arrows coming out of it, this is the territorial teleport and will move you to a designated location in your alliance's territory.

Both of these teleports are best used when you are part of an Alliance. If you are not part of an alliance yet, then you may want to read this page of our guide: https://www.app...alliance and find an alliance to join.

How to teleport closer to your alliance

Ok, assuming you are now part of an alliance, go to map view and zoom out completely, you should now see map with just the alliance names in them. Find the alliance you are a part of, tap it, and that will take you to the center fortress for your alliance. Zoom out a little to look for a spare space of land in your alliance territory, then go back to items > other and select beginners teleport and use. You will then be able to drag a copy of your City to a new location, when the ring around it turns green you can then use the teleport. If it stays red, then it means the area you are searching in is already full and you should try somewhere else. You only get charged for the teleport if you go ahead with it and actually move.

Teleport Guide Video by Shinchi42


With the April 2019 update to Rise of Kingdoms we now have the ability to immigrate to a different Kingdom. You can find out how to do this on our Migration page. Also check out all the details on Passport Page as you'll need these to migrate.

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