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Hanami Event

Hanami Event
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The Hanami Event is a time limited special event, you can check out the details and if it is running for you by tapping the notes icon on the top right of your screen and looking for 'Hanami'.

If it is running you should also see the Japan tab, via the tasks in that tab you will earn the Sakuri flowers which can be spent in the Hanami tab during this special event.

Hanami Event

Hanami Event

The gain the most Sakuri flowers you need to complete all the tasks listed in the Japan tab. Then just claim the Sakuri and spend them on whatever you like in the Hanami tab.

Tasks Include:

Gather 5,000,000 Resources on the Map

Gather 1,500,000 Wood on the Map

Gather 1,500,000 Food on the Map

Gather 1,500,000 Stone on the Map

Consume 500 Action Points

Consume 1,500 Action Points

Purchase 10 Items in the Courier Station

Purchase 20 Items in the Courier Station

Good luck in gaining all the Sakuri!

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