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King of the Tribes

King of the Tribes
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King of the Tribes is an alliance based time limited event in Rise of Kingdoms.

The idea is that your alliance participates in a ton of Barbarian Fort Rallies, with different amounts of points being award for the level of Barbarian Fort that is destroyed and also the number of participants from each alliance during each rally.

So basically the higher the level the fort is the more points are awarded. Same goes for participants. The more people that take part in the rally the more points your alliance will get.

At the end of the King of the Tribes event there are prizes for all members of all alliances that get into the top 20 of each Kingdom. The rewards are better the higher up your alliance gets.

Here is a list of points per fort level:

Lv 1 Barbarian Fort 10 points
Lv 2 Barbarian Fort 20 points
Lv 3 Barbarian Fort 30 points
Lv 4 Barbarian Fort 40 points
Lv 5 Barbarian Fort 50 points

Each person that participates in a rally will get that number of points for the alliance according to the level of fort destroyed.

So if there are 5 participants that destroy a level 5 fort, 250 points will be awarded to the alliance (5 x 50).

The more active alliances will usually win these events as it requires a lot of participation. The members that get involved the better chance your alliance has in getting up the leader-board and bagging the best rewards.

This page of our guide has more information about Fort Rallies. And check out this page for How to Defeat Barbarian Forts.

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