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Cornucopia is a time limited special event where you can obtain Cornucopia by defeating as many barbarian groups as you can with a single army during one outing from a City.

So the idea is you send out your strongest possible army and find a barbarian group, defeat them, then find another before you return to your City, then another and so on... If you can reach 50 then you'll unlock the biggest chest.

There are also special ranking rewards if you do the best overall.

Different amounts of cornucopia are given depending on the level of barbarian that you face. Higher levels equal more Cornucopia.

If you check the info on the exact amount of cornucopia you get for each barbarian group you defeat then you want to try to get the lowest level of each group. For example, I want to hit the barbarians between level 11-15 and get 3 cornucopia... Well I'll only look for level 11 barbarians in this case. Or go to the next level up which is level 16-20 barbarians for 5 Cornucopia, and I'll then just look for the level 16 barbarians as it will take less energy to defeat than a level 20, so I will have more energy for more fights.

Remember though to balance your fighting with your action points, and be prepared to refresh your action points to get more fights in during one journey!

Best Strategy

The best strategy I have found after playing this event is to use the search option to find many groups of barbarians close to your town.... Look for levels that you can defeat easily. My commander is level 40 and the best easy victory I could get was for level 11 and 12 - Where I virtually lose no troops.

While fighting one group, I look for another group with the search tool of a similar level and so on...

At some point the game may not find barbarians near your base, so just attack any group, then cancel it before the fight starts to give you some time to find the perfect barbs for you to fight.

If you hit barbarians too close to your city then they may return home too quickly and that turn will be over!

Pick your best commanders that give the best boosts against Barbarians, this will be different for people according to what commanders they have and what level they are and what talents they have. Here is my setup for this event:

Best Commanders vs Barbarians
Best Commanders vs Barbarians

Tip: If you have the patience... Just fight against lower level Barbarians that you can just take out in a few seconds, you'll lose less troops that way and in the end will pick up more Cornucopia... It just takes time, and a lot of Action points.

As you are engaged in battle with one set of Barbarians, use the searcher tool to find your next battle and prepare to just click the March button as soon as one battle finishes... Especially if you are close to your home City.

Find your next battle before the current one has ended
Find your next battle before the current one has ended

Tip: Keep an eye on your Action Points, you'll eat through loads of these if you are aiming to get all the chests or even onto the ranking table. Last thing you need to happen is your Commander finishes a battle close to your City and you don't have enough action points to take on another before they return home. Use your Action Point restores to make sure you are not short!

Tip: Watch out for multiple groups of Barbarians that are very close together, sometimes they will join in the battle!

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