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Best Infantry Commanders

Best Infantry Commanders
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It can be hard to keep track of all of the new commanders that get added to Rise of Kingdoms, but as a specialist in infantry commanders, I feel that I can offer a pretty competitive and comprehensive guide to who are the best infantry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Best Infantry Commanders

While I will update this guide, the first draft is being written in July 2023, so will be up to date for all of the infantry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms up to that date. So that includes Sargon the Great, Flavius and Scipio Aricanus.

Best Infantry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Assuming we are looking at the best commanders for field battles, then there are a load to choose from. As you probably know, in KvK battles there are situations where you can only send one commander pair and in others you can send as many as you have slots available to (usually 5 pairs).

So, it's important to have one really strong pair, then ideally some others that you can send into battle as a group in order to survive and make a load of kills on the map.

Thankfully there are plenty of legendary commanders to choose from, so all of the commanders that you see listed will be legendary tier, these days, if you are in a strong clan, and are active and have a decent VIP level, maxing legendary commanders shouldn't take too long.

Let's get started with our list of the best infantry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Scipio Africanus

We all have the original Scipio, but this version is the infantry specialist. His skills are awesome on the field, and if you are focusing on infantry commanders in Rise of Kingodms, then Scipio is one that you need to try to get to expertise level.

Best Infantry Commanders

His first skill, Unmatched Strength will deal direct damage to up to 3 targets in a forward facing fan shaped area, not all infantry commanders have this AoE skill, and it's really useful when facing multiple opponents on the field in the middle of a KvK.

Scipio's All-Conquering skill gives his strengths a massive boost, with infantry attack bonus of up to 40% as well as increased march speed which is crucial if you are using infantry.

His third skill is a bit 'meh' but you have to unlock it if you want to maximise Sciptio Africanus' strength. In any case you'll get increased health and damage with the Strategic Pressure skill.

Testudo Formation is Scipio's 4th skill, it's classified as a passive skill and gives a useful shield to not only you but up to three allied troops. Making Scipio a really useful team member to have on the field in KvK battles.

Max all of those four skills and you'll unlock Scipio's expertise which is Fiery Rage, this passive skill increases skill damage by 10%. And when the target is silenced, rage grows 30% faster.

Sargon the Great

I like to pair Scipio with Sargon the Great, another new commander for 2023 that is also awesome on the field of battle.

Best Infantry Commanders

FIrst of all, lock open just his first skill while you max that out, the Sar Kissatim skill adds a powerful attack with a damage factor of up to 500 and a 100% chance ot land the hit with it is at max level.

The Standing Army skill may not appear to be much when you look at the stats with just a 10% attack bonus and a 20% health bonus, but there is also a probability metric too.

This probability refers to inflicting a stack of 'Awed' effect on a target troop, this will increase the skill damage taken by the target by 3% for 10 seconds, up to a maximum of 10 stacks.

So, that is why Sargon is a great commander to pair with Scipio, who has a lot of skill damage, the Awed effect pairs well with Scipio's expertise skill, Fiery Rage which increases skill damage by 10%.

Saargon's third skill, Conqueror of Sumer gives some more useful bonuses, with increased march speed and damage bonuses.

Anu's Fury is Sargon's fourth skill and it's really strong! First of all you'll be increasing you infantry defense as well as giving a heap of damage to any target troops that have received 10 stacks of the Awed effect. Another great reason while you'll want to take Sargon to expertise level.

So, finally, after you have maxed all four skills, you'll unlock the expertise skill which is Enlil's Blessings, this passive skill will reduce the skill damage that this commander takes by 15% and also gives a chance of inflicted the Awed effect too.

Guan Yu

Our third favorite infantry commander is Guan Yu. He is pretty versatile and pairs well with both Sargon and Scipio, although in years gone by pairing him with Leonidas I was a popular option with so many players.

Best Infantry Commanders

In my opinion, Guan Yu would be even more awesome if he had something for the field instead of the Five Tiger Generals Skills that improves the attack damage when attacking strongholds and cities.

I'm not really a fan of making these types of attacks as you generally need to have the best equipment too, which is why generally I'll only do field battles or participate in the city attacks initiated by other members of our alliance.

Guan Yu's first skill, Saint of War is another AoE attack, it will hit up to 3 enemies with a very strong damage factor of up to 2000 if he is the primary commander, of up to 1000 if Guan Yu is the secondary.

Apart from the great damage to three targets, all targets silenced for 3 seconds, which renders the target troops unable to use their active skill. Awesome! When working on Guan Yu, lock his first skill and focus on getting the heads to max this first skill before unlocking the others.

Guan's second skill, Five Tiger Generals, is only going to be used if you plan to attack cities and strongholds,but because I want to use this commander on the field and need him maxed, anyone that wants to do this also has to max this second skill too as part of the process. The Five Tiger Generals skills will both increase your attack, and reduce the attack of your enemy when attacking a city or stronghold.

The Slaying of Hua Xiong gives a big attack, march speed and healing buff. All traits essential for being a strong commander on the field of battle. The 30% attack bonus is awesome, as is the healing factor.

The Green Dragon Crescent Blade is a very interesting skill. And will increase damage based on how many targets the Saint of War Skill hits.

When the Saint of WAr hits exactly one enemy, it has a 50% chance to deal 1000 additional damage and when the skill hits two or more enemies it has another 50% change to deal 1400 extra damage.

Once you have maxed all four of Guan Yu's skills, you will unlock the expertise skill which is Lone Rider. This passive skill says that whenever Guan Yu gains a shield, he also increases his skill damage by 15% for 3 seconds. Whenever Guan Yu leaves a structure he increases his march speed by 100% for 3 seconds - useful for incursions into enemy territory!

These are our top three infantry commanders. We also really love Alex the Great, Richard I, Leo and Harald. Look out for more info on these commanders soon, or if you have anything to add please drop it in the comments!

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