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Peerless Scholar Answers

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Peerless Scholar is a new monthly event split where you go through three stages answering multiple choice questions in order to qualify for the next stage and more rewards. The event does not permanent run, it comes and goes. It was first run in May 2020, and is being run again during July 2020 with some modifications to questions and rules.

There are many questions that the game chooses from, and the great thing about the first stage (Preliminary) is that you have unlimited to to answer the questions, so you can head over to our Answers Page and use the filter to tap in keywords from the question you are stuck on to see if someone else has already posted the question and answer on our website..
Example Peerless Scholar Question
Example Peerless Scholar Question

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Peerless Scholar is a great event to get involved with as not only do you get to learn some interesting facts about world history, you also get to test your knowledge of Rise of Kingdoms. There are also lots of rewards including speedups, alliance chests and for those that successfully complete the midterms or finals, a share of a heap of gems that Lilith put up as reward.

Find out more about the Peerless Scholar event on our Lyceum of Wisdom guide page.

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