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Daily Objectives

Daily Objectives
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Completing the Daily Objectives is a great way to collect loads of free resources, keys, statues and gems. These are generally tasks that you probably would mostly be doing anyway in order to progress in the game, but if you keep an eye on specifically what you need to do then you can pick up some nice goodies pretty easily.

The scroll at the left of your screen details everything that you need to do in the daily objectives. You just need to select the bottom tab to seem them.

Without boring you with all the details, here is our guide to completing the daily objectives:

1) Activate your boosts

In the items tab, go to boosts and select the boosts for gathering, food production, stone production, wood production and gold production

2) Kill some barbarians

You need to get 5 battles. This could a single match where you send 5 sets of commanders against one barbarian on the field, or multiple battles. Level is not important.

3) Shake hands

Helping your Alliance mates will get you another step closer to completing the daily objectives

4) Gather Resources

Gather a bit of everything every day; Gold, Food, Wood and Stone. All of this will add to the daily objectives

5) Upgrade Commanders

Use at least 5 tomes of knowledge

6) Train your army

Points are awarded for completed daily training of at least 200 of every army category: infantry, archer, cavalry, siege

7) Open Silver Chests in Tavern

You'll need to open 8 of these to complete this one

8) Upgrade Technology

You'll get some more points if you complete something in the academy every day.

9) Purchases in the Courier Station

Make at least 5 purchases in the courier station

10) Use some resource items

In the items tab go to resources, and 5 lots of one resource and use them - Can be any size

11) Heal some troops

Heal 50 troops for more points towards your daily objectives.

12) Complete a building upgrade

Complete any building upgrade for more points.

Not all of the tasks need to be done to complete the daily objectives. You just need to get 100 points worth of these tasks done. Some tasks are worth more than others. But if you follow most of the simple tasks above, you should easily complete your Daily Objectives every day, and bank those 100 free gems daily.

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