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Unlocking the 2nd Builder Queue

Unlocking the 2nd Builder Queue
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Generally in Rise of Civilizations you only have one builder that can perform the task of building new buildings or upgrading existing ones... Bit of a pain really but there are some ways that you can get a second builder queue in the game, here's how.

Getting a Second Builder Queue

Check your items

In your Items, you sometimes have an item with will be 'Unlock 2nd builder queue for 48 hours'. Use that at any time to extend an existing 2nd builder queue or to start a new new for that time period.

You will then find that you can operate two builder queues at the same time.

Reach VIP Level 6

This is the best way to permanently get a 2nd builder queue. It-s perfectly achievable quite quickly, without spending any more on gems. With a bit of work and using the gems you are given in the game to purchase more VIP points (See VIP Levels page) you'll soon be motoring up those VIP levels and reaching Level 6 in no time!

Once you get there, the second builder queue becomes unlocked permanently.

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