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The Britain event is run in conjunction with the Constant Elegance event. In the Britain event you complete various tasks in order to gain rewards which include Black Tea, this tea can then be exchanged for special rewards in the Constant Elegance event.

Here is a run down of everything you can do in this event, and the rewards you get.

Gather 1m stone on the map
8h increased stone production, 60m research speedup, 1 Black Tea
Gather 1.5m Food on the map
8h increased food production, 60m builder speedup, 1 Black Tea
Gather 1.5m Wood on the map
8h increased wood production, 60m training speedup, 1 Black Tea
Gather 5m Resources on the map
10k Tomes, 3 hour speedup, 3 Black Tea
Consume 500 Action Points
10k Wood, 10k Food, 1 Black Tea
Consume 1500 Action Points
30k Wood, 30k Food, 1 Black Tea
Purchase 10 items in the Courier Station
2.5k Gold, 50m Speedup, 1 Black Tea
Purchase 20 items in the Courier Station
1 Silver Key, 500 Action Points, 3 Black Tea

Because the event usually runs over 4 days, you'll have four opportunities to get all of the above rewards as everything resets at 0:00 UTC. So complete everything on Day 1, get all the rewards, then do the same on the next days, this will maximise your Black Tea and the rewards you can claim in the Constant Elegance event.


1) Action Points
You can consume action points by attacking barbarians on the map. You usually have 1,000 at full action point level, so you'll either need to use action point recovery item, or come back later in the day to get the full 1,500. If you send out multiple armies to defeat the same high level barbarians this is usually a good way to use up your action points quickly and gain a lot of XP and Tomes.

2) Courier Station
You may need to visit the Courier Station a few times during the day to get 20 items, don't forget you have a free refresh. We recommend you purchase everything that you just need resources to buy (not gems). If you are considering purchasing items with Gems, then the best options are usually the research, training or builder speedups, if you can get them at a 70% discount.

3) Gathering Resources
The other tasks are to do with collecting resources on the map, and that's something you should be doing every day anyway. Don't forget to use the gathering speedup, I use this every day anyway!

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