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Heroic Anthem is a kingdom vs kingdom event in Rise of Kingdoms first seen in the game at the end of 2020. It's much bigger than previous KvK events and sees your kingdom form collations with other kingdoms to fight for rewards and the big prizes on offer in Heroic Anthem.

To play Heroic Anthem you'll need to have your City Hall at level 25, so if you know you have this major event coming up soon for your kingdom, try to get to your City.

The Fog is Back!

When you enter Heroic Anthem you will be ported to a random part of the map and your location will be surrounded by fog. You need to start sending out your acouts to clear that fog to start finding resource points and Bastions.


Bastions are a new type of building where you will find a single commander, here you have to complete their quests in order to increase their favor level which will in turn increase the speed of your crysal mine. You can also unlock a special support skill on each Bastion which will be helpful in the Heroic Anthem.

Check out our page on Bastions for some tips on how to handle the quests found at the Bastions.

Crystal Mine

The Crystal Mine is a temporary building only used during the Heroic Anthem event, here you can spend your resources in order to gain crystals which you can then spend on research in the Crystal Research Center. You can also increase the level of the Crystal Mine which will increase the rate at which it produces crystals per hour and also increase the max crystal workload. After the Heroic Anthem season ends, the Crystal Mine will be reset and removed.

Crystal Research Center

This is another temporary building, here you can increase greatly your troop strength or your gathering abiliy both of resources and crystals. As with the normal research center, there are two main lines, fundamentals and military. Finding the correct balance of increasing your ability to earn crystals and getting the military improvements you need right now is a fine balancing act.

Stronger Barbarians and Forts

The Barbarians and Forts are significantly stronger in Heroic Anthem and also cost more AP to attack. The Forts start at Level 11 and you literally need a full rally of 2 million troops to take it out comfortably.

Hall of Heroes

A nice addition to Heroic Anthem is the Hall of Heroes and it will help stimulate people to get more involved in the war elements of the game because you will get a percentage of your dead troops back to you at the end of the event. The exact percentate may vary depending on the version of the event you are playing or your kingdom, but a normal amount is 50% of your dead troops being returned.

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