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Sanctum Guardians

Sanctum Guardians
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Sanctum Guardians can be found on the map, like Barbarians, roaming around. These are incredibly difficult to defeat on your own so it's likely you'll need the help of your Alliance members to surround them.

Sanctum Guardians
Sanctum Guardians

For level 1 Sanctum Guardians, the recommendation is at least 60,000 level 1 troops!

Sanctum Guardians
Sanctum Guardians

The rewards for victory however are great with a ton of experience and beneficial runes on offer.

The idea to defeat the Sanctum Guardians is not with a rally but by gathering as many of your alliance, or any members of your Kingdom around the Guardian. Then whoever is in charge says go, and everyone attacks the Guardian at the same time, that way everyone that gets hits in will share in the rewards, if you are playing as part of an event it will count in that too.

Sanctum Guardians for Advanced Players

If you are in an active alliance they probably will have an active Guardians timetable, whereby there are fixed times to attack particular guardians, so the most people can benefit from the large Commander XP at zero action point cost.

Look out for mails from your alliance leaders in your alliance chat so you make sure that you follow your alliance rules when it comes to attacking guardians.

In the alliance I am a part of there are fixed times of day, and every sends a certain number of cavalry and waits until the time of attack, then we all attack together, hitting the guardians one by one in a clockwise direction.

It's a great way to pick up a lot of XP quickly for zero action points.

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