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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival
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The Harvest Festival is a time-limited special event based on gathering resources on the map, purchasing items in the courier station and consuming action points.

When the event runs it runs for several days in conjunction with another in relation to a Nation.


The Nation event runs simultaneously and you have to collect resources on the map, purchase items in the courier station and consuming action points. in order to claim 'Kimchi' which can be exchanged in the Harvest Festival for special items such as the gold key, statues, speed ups and more.

Harvest Festival
Harvest Festival

Every day the National side of the event will reset, so there are multiple opportunities during the event to re-earn the Kimchi for the same task - For example 'Gather 5,000,000 resources on the map' This task will reset at 0:00 UTC so be sure to complete it otherwise you will be starting from zero again the next day!

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