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Attacking Alliance Flags

Attacking Alliance Flags
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This guide to attacking alliance flags applies to both the normal kingdom maps and the Lost Kingdom maps.

Alliance Flags are the buildings that an Alliance uses to expand their territory. They can also be attacked by members of other alliances, but territory of their own flags much touch the territory of the other alliance's flag for the attack to be allowed.

To attack a flag someone then either makes a rally or sends some troops to attack the flag. It really depends on how well the flag is defended. If there is a garrison in the flag, then probably the best course of action is to make a rally with your alliance, using a player with the strongest commanders and the biggest castle.

On attack, the flag is not destroyed straightaway, it starts burning for a set period of time before it extinguishes itself. At that point it needs to be attacked again (or you can start the attack sooner to reset the time) to continue it burning until it reaches zero hit points.

Once it stops burning it will start to automatically recover hitpoints over time.

If any troops are garrisoned in the tower at the time it is attacked, then depending on the outcome of the battle they will could all die (ie not be restored in the hospital) or the rally or attack incoming to the tower will die.

There are tricks that you can do The strength of the garrison in the tower depends on the commander in charge. That is the first commander in the flag, or if he leaves, the strongest commander is then chosen by the game. If he has special buffs for a certain troops type then it is better that everyone fills that flag with troops of the buffable unit. Eg if Richard is the commander, you should all send infantry and only infantry to garrison in the tower if you wnat to defend it.

Likewise for rally attacks against a tower. If you know what commander and troops are inside (via scouting) then you can design your rally accordingly. If all Infantry are in the Tower, then ideally a rally led by Edward Woodstock or El Cid (An archer commander) with a rally consisting of only archer troops would be the best attack.

If you are attacking a flag, and if a commander such as Yi Seong-Gye is in the tower as the primary commander, then you should be aware to not stand any troops close to the attacking rally when it is engaged with the flag because Yi Seong Gye has a fan attack which will also attack nearby troops - there will be deaths! Watch out! So it's really important to know who is the primary commander in the tower and what their abilities are.

It takes about an hour to fully take down a flag, this includes multiple rallies and a lot of alliance support, a well defended flag is not something that is easily defeated alone, you'll need your alliance.

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