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Lucerne Scrolls
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The Lucerne Scrolls were added to Rise of Kingdoms in a patch update during October 2019. Basically it is a set of challenges that you try to complete over the course of a season (about 60 days) in order to unlock better and better prizes. It looks similar to battle passes in other mobile games.

There are two tier levels to the prizes. Ancestor's Legacy which is available to everyone, and Divine Inheritance which is available to those willing to purchase one of the two premium packs which are for sale.

The Treasure Hunter pack is the more basic of the two on offer, and you will be able to unlock some better items such as more legendary heads and more gold stars, but you'll still need to work hard to get to the higher level prizes, this is where the other pack comes in.... The Archaeologist is also available to purchase and it gives you the same deal as The Treasure Hunter, but you'll also get an extra 50% weekly challenge clues and raise the Lucerne Scrolls levels by 10, so effectively it should make it a lot easier to actually unlock all of the rewards that are on offer.

Lucerne Scolls Premium Packs
Lucerne Scolls Premium Packs

To work your way through the The Lucerne Scrolls tap the challenges tab at the top of the screen, you'll see there are weekly and season challenges. The good thing is that the weekly challenges do not have to be completed during the week that they open, you basically have until the rest of the season to get them completed.

Lucerne Scrolls Challenges
Lucerne Scrolls Challenges

Some of the season challenges such as Destroy 990 Barbarian Forts could take a while though, so you shouldn't leave it to the last minute if you are planning on trying to complete everything and unlock the best prizes.

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