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Commander Tier List

We are working here on our Tier List for the Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

There are many opinions over the Internet and on sites such as Reddit which have their own lists and opinions on who is the best with their own reasons.

Over here on AppGamer, our Best Commander is Sun Tzu. And here are our reasons.

Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu

He has three different attributes; Nuker, Defender and Infantry.

Which basically means if you are out to attack other City's or even Barbarians (even if he doesn't have the best Vs Barbarian attribute, Jungler) he will still do great in any battle as well as being super strong at defending your own City, Passes and Holy sites.

Get him to level 20 and you'll be able to assign him a sub-commander whenever he goes into battle, we recommend Tomoe Gozen who is a great support commander and as well as being a great archer leader too. Her Active Skills such as Blood Sakura are also favorable to help your units in battle too.

Tomoe Gozen
Tomoe Gozen

These may not be the strongest commanders, or of legendary rarity, but there actual rarity will allow you to level them up relatively easily and grow them into very strong Commanders.

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