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Commander Tier List
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There are many incredible commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, and as they introduce more commanders to the game, usually they become to most favored and sought after commanders especially if they are good on the battlefield. Consequently, our list may at times be out of date as we play catch up. Because there are so many commanders and we can divide them up in a number of ways we have decided to make a number of different Tier Lists with some explanations for each one.

This Tier List page was last updated 15th May 2020.

Legendary Commander Tier List

Legendary Tier List
Legendary Tier List

The Tier List above lists all of the current Legendary Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, the top S Tier lists the ultimate commanders in the game. But how you get them and how you use them is important to consider as well. For example a Free to Play player will not want to try to collect all of the top tier commanders as they probably would want to focus on one or two only and max them out. Which one you pick is dependent on which type of military you want to focus on. I'll explain below.

I'm mostly Free to Play, and focus on Infantry. After playing for over one year and spending less than $100 which is like the vast majority of players, I'm just about at the stage of unlocking the current top tier troops, T5. But not for all troop types, just for infantry, and that is where my focus for commanders is.

So for an Infantry player like me, I will choose the most OP infantry commanders in the game; Alex, Richard, Leo, Guan Yu and Constantine, then refer to the pages on AppGamer which list the individual commanders and upgrade them accordingly with the limit supply of Gold Heads and Stars that I have. Focusing really on who I have been able to unlock so far.

In the meantime, because of the way we have to upgrade Legendary Commanders so as to not ruin them by taking their level to max and unlocking all of their skills prematurely, I also look at Epic Commanders too which are much easier to upgrade and level up.

Epic Commander Tier List

Epic Commander Tier List
Epic Commander Tier List

When you first start out in the game Epic Commanders are the most important. Forget about leveling up the legionaries at the beginning, save your gold heads and stars for the legendary that you really want. In the meantime focus on Epic Commanders.

I have split the Epic Commanders into two categories, A and B. There is no S with this rank of commanders in my opinion, and equally none stand out as being really terrible or a waste or resources to level up.

It really depends on what stage of the game you are playing as to which Epic commanders are the best for you .- no matter what my Tier List above says.... If you are just starting out, focus on Peacekeeping commanders, the ones that do well against Barbarians. If you are at an advanced level, then probably the only Epic Commanders that will be of use to you would be Joan and Sun Tzu because of their field support characteristics.

Field Battle Tier List

Field Battle Tier List
Field Battle Tier List

Field battles are an important part of Rise of Kingdoms. When you are just starting out in the game, you probably want to avoid field battles as they will only set back your development, as you will need to heal your troops after battles - Some could even die if your hospital is not big enough to cope with all the injured!

But there will come a point in the game where will look to participate in field battles as part of an alliance, after all this is a war game... Not FarmVille!

The Tier List I have put together below favors my own preference for Infantry Commanders as I believe these are the best overall on the field currently. However both archers and cavalry offer their own strengths too.

On the field fast cavalry can be incredible. Imagine the situation of a mass brawl cavalry commanders can more easily suck opponents to the wrong side of a battle, they can more easily escape to other targets, and if you come across archer commanders on the field, cavalry troops are the best to take them out.

And for Archers, if you have the best archer commanders, most infantry players will want to keep well clear of them because the damage they can do to infantry is incredible.

For me, the best archer commander is still Yi, he was the first best archer and still remains so to this day for various factors such as his AOE strengths. A close second would be Edward or Ramses.

The #1 current best Cavalry Commander on the Field is Atilla he is super strong, fast and currently when teamed with Takeda as secondary they are almost unstoppable when attacking enemy buildings and cities. If you can't get Atilla, then settle for Minamoto if you are a pay to play, or Cao Cao if you are free to play as a good cavalry commander.

For me, the best infantry unit has to Leonardis, however he is currently incredibly difficult to attain, in my kingdom only the top players in The Mightiest Governor event will get him, so for me, and most players, he is currently unobtainable, so my suggestion would be Richard and Alex as the best Field battle commanders for infantry. Some people will disagree I sure especially fans of Constantine and Gun YU - They are more or less equally good as Richard and Alex, this is just my personal preference.

From the Epic Commanders, Joan and Sun Tzu rank the highest for me purely because of their support value to your other commanders and to other players from your alliance. Oftentimes our alliance leaders request some players bring Joan or Sun Tzu to the large battles.

Barbarian Battle Tier List

Barbarian Battle Tier List
Barbarian Battle Tier List

Everyday playing Rise of Kingdoms you'll be killing barbarians, and it's really important that you use the correct commanders to do this. Look for the commanders with the Peacekeeping skills they will get you more rewards, be stronger against barbarians and use less Action Points per battle.

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