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Completing the Daily Tasks

Completing the Daily Tasks
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If you intend to be a regular player of Rise of Kingdoms, then you really need to be taking a look at the Daily Objectives list and aiming to clear enough of them to unlock all of the Daily Objectives chests.

It's not too hard to do especially if you manage your time well.

You can find the daily objectives list by tapping the scroll and feather on the left of the screen, then tap the lower tab to see the daily objectives.

1. Send out your scouts

This will complete one of the objectives and is also great for your Main Quest.

2. Deafeat Barbarians on the map

If you are a high enough level you can defeat multiple barbarian groups at the same time, or at least before your guys return to your City by re-targeting them to another group of barbarians just after the complete their battle but before they get back to your City - Saves a little time!

I do this by searching for a level of barbarian that I can easily beat, then just as the battle is ending I find the next level less as re-task my same warriors to the next group... Up to five times. Watch out though because you are not healing in-between battles!

You complete one daily objective by defeating one barbarian group and another for defeating five.

3. Send out units to harvest

Once you have defeated the barbarians you should then send out all the groups that you can to harvest different resources on the map; Cropland, Logging Camp, Stone Deposit, Gold Deposit. There are targets in the daily objectives for harvesting a certain amount of all of these resources on the map. Resources are also essential

The amounts for the daily task are as follows:

Food - 25,000 food on the map

Wood - 25,000 wood on the map

Stone - 18,000 stone on the map

Gold - 12,000 gold on the map

The amounts are not that much, and you'll definitely need to harvesting from the map much more than these amounts in order to make upgrades to your City anyway.

4. Make an upgrade in the Academy

If you can make a research upgrade in your academy this will also complete one of the daily objectives. It's important to do this anyway, especially the military upgrades to help strengthen and level up your army.

5. Open 5 silver chests in the Tavern

This one is a little harder as these are made available over time. So you'll have to log in throughout the day to unlock these. Head to the tavern in your City to unlock these chests.

6. Use Boost Items

If you have them in your items, then using the Food, Wood, Stone and Gold boosts are good ways to complete 4 of the daily objectives, tap the go button when browsing your daily objectives to see if you have the appropriate boost item.

If you don't have the boost the game puts something else as an option to use - Be careful not to use it as it won't complete your objective and you may be using an item you don't want to right now, such as a valuable Peace Shield!

7. Power of Knowledge

Basically go to the Commanders tab and if you have enough Tomes of Knowledge you can complete this objective by upgrading your Commander's exp.

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