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The expedition is an on-going task where you have to defeat enemies in order to gain rewards. The great thing is that if you manage to three star any of the expedition tasks you will be eligible to receive the award for that win every day!

You can find the expedition tab in the list of links at the bottom of the game screen. It is much like fighting barbarians, but you don't need to use the hospitals afterwards.

As more expeditions become unlocked you can use more commanders in battle.

One tip is to use the preview feature to come up with a battle plan for each level. As more of the levels are time dependent, you'll need to work fast in order to three star most of the levels.

If you cannot three star a level, then just move on to the next one and try to that instead and come back for the rest when you have achieved a higher level commander or have more and better troops.

Complete as many of the Expeditions as you can to get the daily rewards for each of the levels you complete with three stars.

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