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VIP Levels

VIP Levels
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In this game you get permanent bonuses to things like resource production, building speed, gathering speed, action point recovery and more once you achieve certain VIP levels.

You can check your VIP level by tapping the VIP icon in the top left of your screen that will tell you what level you are, and how many VIP points you need to get to reach the next VIP level. In the box below, the left and right arrows allow you to scroll through the different VIP levels to see what bonuses you get for reaching each level.

VIP Level 6

This is the most important level to reach, it unlocks permanently the 2nd builder queue and if the most useful perk of all the VIP bonuses. With this you can assign two builders instead of just one.

How to Get VIP Points

You can sometimes get these in chests, but the best ways to get VIP points is to log in every day, you'll get an increasing number of points daily (up to max 200) if you don't miss any days. You can also exchange your gems for VIP points. We recommend doing this with the free gems that you get in the game.

A great way to get a heap of gems is to increase the level of you City Hall, usually you get a big bunch of gems each time you complete that task.

Once you are at VIP level 6, the next mayor benefits don't start to kick in until around level 10 where you start to get a free legendary sculpture every day. Levels from 10 up really are beneficial, but it's hard to get there. Luckily I got to level 10 with the help of a good alliance with plenty of players that purchase stuff in the game, this awards other alliance players with chests, some of which contain VIP points. So the best tip to get free VIP points is to join a strong alliance with players that purchase stuff in the game.

Higher VIP Levels also unlock more purchasable stuff in the VIP Shop. Some of which can be purchased with gems and some with resources.

How to get more VIP points

The best way to get lots of free VIP points and to bag that essential Level 6 status early is to join an active alliance. Active players are usually spending players, and sometimes you will get free VIP points in your alliance rewards.

I've hardly spent another on Rise of Kingdoms, and thanks to my alliance, I reached level 14 relatively easily, and with that I get 3 free gold legendary heads every day!

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