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Rise of Kingdoms is a rich Real Time Strategy MMO game from Lilith. You select a civilization and build your camp through various stages while collecting and improving commanders and amassing a huge army to go into battle. Our Rise of Kingdoms guide takes you from the beginner stages to advanced level ideas and is written by active player in the game.

Where to Start

It's important you get off to a good start in Rise of Kingdoms, don't make the mistakes I made so first of all check out our Beginners Guide. This will take you through all of the different nations, and more importantly what not to do!

Is the Game Pay to Win

The game is now over two years old, and various kingdoms are dominated by whales, but the community can be stronger and it has been known for whales to get completely zeroed if they become to arrogant. But saying that, there is a large pay to win element in the game, but you can certainly enjoy it very much without spending a cent. Or if you just want to spend a bit there are some things that we can suggest to spend your money on that will give you the best value, see our guide, What to Spend Your Gems On.

Who is the best commander in the game?

The answer to this question will literally change over time as the developers tend to bring out more commanders as the game develops. We certainly have our own favourite commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and we give all of the reasons why we pick the ones we did on our Best Commanders page.

Richard, one of the Best Infantry Commanders in the Game
Richard, one of the Best Infantry Commanders in the Game

Do I need to Play Everyday?

No, but the more you play, the more opportunities you will have to collect resources, defeat barbarians and generally grow stronger. Make sure you check the daily tasks, check out our guide page Completing the Daily Tasks for some ideas and suggestions on how to do this efficiently.

Can you get free gems?

Gems are the premium currency used in Rise of Kingdoms, and you most certainly can get a heap of free gems in the game. From my experience the opportunity to get free gems become easier the more powerful you are as certain things are easier to complete, for example the Karuak Ceremony at the highest level will give you 2000 free gems. Take a look at our guide page, How to Get Free Gems.

Are there events?

There are loads of events in Rise of Kingdoms. As the game progresses, the developers seem to inject more and more varied events, the events are completely optional but are a great way of picking up free gems, gold stars, gold heads, or a whole range of different things.

Ceroli Crisis - One of the Events in Rise of Kingdoms
Ceroli Crisis - One of the Events in Rise of Kingdoms

Do I need to join an Alliance

You don't need to, but it is strongly advised to join an alliance. It may take a few tries before you find the one that is right for you, but within an alliance you can get benefits of free rewards when other members spend money on chests, and also protection from other alliances and the ability to compete in alliance events and the Kingdom vs Kingdom.

Rise of Kingdoms is a great game of this genre, and while there are significant benefits for spenders in the game, you certainly can have a great time without spending a cent. Take a browse through our full guide to check everything out.


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