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VIP Shop
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There VIP shop is where you can purchase more VIP points with gems and also purchase discounted items which are refreshed weekly. What is available to purchase is dependent upon your current VIP level.

There are some great things to be had in the early levels, remember you should be aiming to get to VIP level 6 to unlock the 2nd builder queue as quick as you can - See our guide page: VIP Levels.

You should definitely be aiming to pick up every week, assuming you have them unlocked, all of the items which are purchasable with resources (not gems), this includes:

Action Point Potions
Silver Stars
Gold Stars
5 minute speedups

You can decide for yourself if the gem priced speedups are worth it, but personally, I would probably just be going for the 3 hr+ speedups with gems in the VIP shop if I wanted any.

At VIP level 11 the option to purchases Bundles of Dazzling Starlight Sculptures becomes available, the cost is 2000 gems for each one, but this is at a 50% discount, you have the option to purchase up to 15 of these per week.

If you are going to do this, then probably it is best that you want for the More than Gems event for the gem spending bonuses to maximise your return for the gems.

However, saying that, there are probably better things to spend your gems on. A lot of people recommend using gems to increase your VIP level as much as you can, and also if you have aspirations to get troops level 5, then you'll need a level 25 castle, this means you would probably need to use a lot of gems to buy the books that you need for the castle upgrade to level 25.

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