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Kingdom Buffs

Kingdom Buffs
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Kingdom Buffs are activated by your individual Kingdom's King they allow you to temporarily start building or research tasks fast or become stronger. Kings can also grant debuffs! which again will make you weaker in some way.

The Architect - What is the Architect Buff?
Having The Architect title (you know you've got it as there will be a hammer over your City when you are in map view), will allow you to start building tasks with a percentage of the overall time of build taken off. Super handy and well worth asking for if you are starting a long build such as a City upgrade, it will literally reduce the overall time of the build by days, and save you a ton of speedups and time waiting for it to finish.

The Arcitect Buff - Greatly Reduces Overall Building Time
The Arcitect Buff - Greatly Reduces Overall Building Time

The Scientist - What is the Scientist Buff?
Having The Scientist title as you start a research task in the Academy will shave off a percentage of the overall time of the task. It's a cool buff to ask your King for if you are about to start a research task that lasts many days.

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