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Commander Talent Guide

Commander Talent Guide
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WIth the upgrade to Talent Tree 2.0, everything we knew about the Talent Tree went out the window and we had to start over!

The talent tree as we have it now is a bit more organised and easy to follow and you should be able to easily see the progress path of your Commander's chosen talents.

Each Commander has three talent lines to choose from - This will vary from commander to commander.

You can choose how you want to set them up. We recommend having the following:

1 Commander - Infantry Specialist eg: Charles Martel
1 Commander - Cavalry Specialist eg: Pelagius (or Cao Cao, however I prefer him with mobility)
1 Commander - Archer Specialist eg: Kusunoki Masashige
1 Commander - Garrison Specialist - eg - Sun Tzu
2 Commanders - Peacekeeping Specialist - eg: Bodica and Lohar
1 Commader - Leadership Specialist - eg: Scipio Africanus
5 Commanders - Gathering Specialists eg: Joan of Arc, Gaius Marius, Centurion, Cleopatra

Other commanders should specialise in the other talents, such as mobility, versatility, skill or attack.

This is just a rough guide and will allow you to do well in daily barbarian battles, gathering resources and the occasion scuffle with another player. If you haven't done so already, check out our guide to the Best Commanders.

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