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Race Against Time

Race Against Time
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Race against time is a time limited special event which first appeared in Rise of Kingdoms in September 2019. Basically the idea is that you need to score as many points as possible by defeating as many barbarians as you can within 9 minutes. You start with 5 minutes, but you can earn up to 4 extra bonus minutes during the battles.

But it's all about score, and the higher the level of barbarian that you kill, the higher the score you will get. Also if you send multiple marches and they are there at the defeat of a barbarian, then they will all get the points.

Race Against Time Tips
Race Against Time Tips

There are chest rewards available for reaching certain points milestones in the event; 4000, 15000, 30000, 45000. You can have up to three goes at the event per day that it is live. And your score will start again from zero on each new attempt. Your overall high score will however be recorded and the top 100 players will receive a ranking reward depending on where you rank. The top 10 ranks gain legendary sculptures.

Race Against Time Tips

Here are some tips that we hope will help you score well in Race Against Time.

1) Teleport to a location where there is the biggest concentration of high level barbarians (assuming you are strong enough to easily kill high level barbarians). Alternatively if you don't want to waste teleports, you can march towards a high concentration of high level barbs

2) Plan out your killing route. You are going to need a planned path, that you will take so no time is wasted.

3) Activate your buffs. 25% or 50% extra troops will help you defeat barbarians quicker. It's a big investment, so you may want to make a practice run first. Also don't forget the attack up 5% buff. Check out closeby runes for anything that may help, eg increased attack or march speed.

4) Place your barbarian marches close to the first barbarian that you want to kill, when ready, start the event!

5) Make sure you have enough Action Points, you'll be needing upwards of 3000 Action Points to score well, but it all depends on the kingdom you are in I guess. About 3k AP, with 5% increased attack and 25% increased troop size got me around 100k points mostly hitting level 36 barbarians. I'm sure I could have done more as I messed up a bit in the beginning! And didn't take the 50% increased troop size.

Race Against Time Results
Race Against Time Results

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