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Best ways to boost Commander XP

Best ways to boost Commander XP
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In order to have a strong commader, you'll need to add as much XP to them as possible. You do this by finding tomes of knowledge and then adding them to your commander. Here is how...

To upgrade the XP of your commander you will need Tomes of Knowledge. You can find these in a number of ways, here are the best ways to get Tomes of Knowledge in the game in order to add XP to your Commanders.

Fighting Barbarians

You get 100 tome of knowledge for each level of barbarian faced. So if you defeat a level 10 barbarian group you will get 1000 XP for your commander, (10 levels x 100 tomes). You can find barbarians by using the magnifying glass when you are in map view or by zooming out and finding them yourself on the map. Just tap them to launch an attack with your chosen units. For more on defating barbarians on the map, check out our daily obectives guide.

Participating in Fort Rallies

Larger amounts of Tomes of Knowledge are available if you participate in Fort Rallies, we are talking about 10,000 - 30,000 + for level 4 and 5 Fort Rallies. Fort Rallies are a great way to quickly gain Tomes, but also Books of Covenant which are essential to upgrade your castle.

Daily Objectives

Some of the chests contain Tomes of Knowledge. The daily objectives are listed in the scroll and feather icon on the left of the game screen, then by selecting the lower tab. If you select each of the chests in the daily objectives, you will see the rewards available in each chest. Check out our daily obectives guide.

Tavern Chests

The chests in the tavern often contain tomes of knowledge. Gold chests contain better items.

Courier Station

You can purchase tomes of knowledge with resrouces or gems when they are available on the courier station. More info on the courier station is here: https://www.app...-station


On the bottom icon list there is one called Expedition, if you complete any of these objectives with three stars then you get that reward daily! There are tons of tomes to be had here, and the best thing is that if you complete any of the individual objectives with three stars then you can the reward for that objective every day. You just need to go back to the expedition tab and click the chest on the left to claim all your rewards every day.

Adding XP to your Commander

Once you have your tomes, head to the commander tab to upgrade your Commander's CP by tapping the green plus icon on the right of the XP bar.

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