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Gathering Resources on the Map

Gathering Resources on the Map
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How to Gather Resources on the Map

If you enter map view then zoom out a bit you will see a number of icons. The red axes indicates barbarians and their level, but you can also see possible locations where you can gather food, wood, stone and gold outside of your town. If these locations are already being mined by another player, then there will be a pick ax showing above the resource, if there is nothing above the resource, then you should be good to send your troops to go gather a heap of stuff.

Zoomed out map showing where you can mine resources
Zoomed out map showing where you can mine resources

Beware you can come under attack while gathering or on the way to the resource, so it's best to find resource deposits that are close to you and close to your Alliance.

Resource gathering is important, as you will probably not be able to generate enough resources in your camp alone. After a few days of heavy upgrades, you'll find yourself in need to more resources, and the map is the best way to go get some.

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