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Fort Rallies

Fort Rallies
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A great way to good loads of Tomes of Knowledge for your Commanders XP and get those Books of Covenant which are essential to upgrade your Castle is to participate in Fort Rallies which you can either start yourself or join if one of your Alliance members starts one.

Each Barbarian fort will be have a level, 1-5 and when you tap on one you'll see the troop recommendations that are need to defeat the fort.

Oftentimes, if your troops are super strong, and are led by very high level commanders you'll need a lot less that is recommended to defeat a Barbarian Fort.

For example with a mix of level 4 and 5 troops, and level 50+ commanders we can pretty much take down a Level 5 Barbarian Fort with 500,000 troops, or less even.

For Level 4 and 5 Forts the keys is in the level of the troops and the strength of the commanders, not so much the quantity of troops that you send.

Level 1 Forts

Earlier on the game, when you just start off attacking level 1 Forts, your troops and commanders will likely be very low level, so really you need to achieve at least the minimum number of troops to defeat the fort, otherwise you may get defeated yourself and suffer a lot of your troops in hospital which costs a lot of resources.

If you start a rally yourself, pay attention to how may people join your rally, and if you don't have enough to defeat the Fort, then you should cancel the rally so everyone does not go home with too many injured troops.

Another thing to think about with rallies is the amount of time it takes for you to join a rally. If a Rally is too far away and it takes more than 10 minutes to walk to and there are just a few minutes left of the timer, and if they already have enough troops to defeat the fort, then you probably should not join as you would be making your other alliance members wait too long.

Check out this page in our guide for How to Defeat Barbarian Forts.

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