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Daily Gathering

Daily Gathering
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Daily Gathering is a time-limited special event that appears on Rise of Civilizations from time to time.

The idea is that you gather a ton of resources on the map and if you reach a certain level you unlock special rewards that can be claimed.

Daily Gathering
Daily Gathering

Now, gathering resources on the map is something that is essential to do every day to progress in the game. So why not check out the rewards on offer for completing this event and see if it is worth your while to try to gather a bit more to reach the levels to gain the awards.

To find resources on the map you simply zoom out in the map view and tap the magnifying glass, then tap the resources you are looking for a the level that you would like the rewources to be. The higher the number them more resources should be there in principle, unless it has already been recently harvested.

Resource Gathering
Resource Gathering

Try to just gather resources in your own alliance area. There is always the danger of your troops coming under attack while out gathering so if you are travelling far for the resources, do so with caution.

You should also activate the gathering boost item if you have them and utilise commanders that are specifically gatherers as they often come with speed boosts. Try Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Sarka or Gaius Mariys. You can check out our list of recommended gathers in this article: Best Commanders

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