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Ians Ballads
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Ians Ballads

Ian's Ballads is an event this first appears of Rise of Kingdons in April, 2020. It is similar to other events that require you to work with three other governors in order to make your way through a sequence of battles. The other plays can be from your alliance, or random players. There are a range of difficulty settings which become available for selection depending on your overall power score. You can unlock better rewards for completion of the event the higher your difficulty level is.

Ian's Ballads
Ian's Ballads

Ian's Ballads Tips

1. Use high DPS Commander Combos
For example Edwards and Tomy or GK and Cao Cao or Minamoto and Cao Cao could be good options as long as you have them available to you and unlocked enough of their skills for them to be effective in battle.

2. Fight Together
It's a team event, and if one member of your team has no idea that they are doing, then probably you won't complete the event this time, and you may be better off starting over, or playing with members that you know from your alliance. It's really important that all four players fight together, not individually, and step away from the battle so the focus goes on other commanders. So coming in and out of the battle as you need to in coordination with your team is really important.
Fight Together
Fight Together

3. Rest Up
If you need to, after a battle, camp. This will allow you to restore a significant amount of your troops count. You should always wait for people that are resting and go to the next battle together.

4. Buff Up
If you are serious about completing this event you should be using battle buffs, so increased army size and increased attack or defense would give you a better chance of winning.

5. Focus on one Target at a time
When you reach groups of multiple barbarians, you should work as a team to target the same group each. Once a target is dead, it will not respawn even if all of your team dies.

6. Live to fight another day
Don't forget, if you die, you can always resend your troops out again before the start of the next battle.

Boss Battle
Boss Battle

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