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Halloween Update - Rise of Civilizations

by AppGamerOct 23rd 2018
The new Karuk / Halloweed update to Rise of Civilizations has now been pushed live, log in to the game to received the update and check out the new stuff that has been added to the game.

Halloween Update - Rise of Civilizations

You may well have also received a reward in your inbox due to the game downtime while the update was being applied globally.

5th Skill for Commanders

For Epic and Legendary level Commanders, you can increase their power by activating the new Expertise skill, this is unlocked after you have upgraded all other skills to level 5. You can find out more about commanders, and how to choose the best one here

VIP Shop

VIP Shop
VIP Shop

If you head over to the shop in your City you now have a new VIP option, where depending on your VIP level you can by certain goods for gems at a discount to the normal in-game gem prices. The higher your VIP level, the better goods you are able to purchase.

Alliance Shop

Alliance Shop
Alliance Shop

The Alliance Shop is now open, and is accessible via the Alliance menu, look for the shop icon in there. In there you can spend the alliance points that you have been earning by contributing to your alliance. The alliance leaders will decide what is available in the shop by spending alliance points that have accumulated. Then the product becomes available for members to purchase - while stocks last!!!

Karuak Ceremony Special Event

The Karuak event is now live and is accessible via the notes icon at the top right of the screen. It's a great event to particpate in as the rewards are very good, there is a leaderboard which will track your progress against other governors. Participation does require the use of action points, but it is a good thing to use it on in my opinion. We have more details on the Karuak Ceremony here .

Halloween in Coming

A new event for Halloween is also running from October 28 until November 4. You can check out our guide to this event here: Halloween is Coming Guide

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