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The Golden Kingdom

The Golden Kingdom
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The Golden Kingdom first appeared on Rise of Kingdoms during July 2020, it is a three day event where you select 5 marches and fight your way through a series of increasingly difficult battles to gain rewards.

Along the way you can pick up relics to make you stronger and new armies to fight alongside you.

The Golden Kingdom Tips

Seeing as the normal game buffs to affect you in the Golden Kingdom Event, we recommend that you slap on the 25% army size bonus, the 5% increased attack or defense bonus, and collect a suitable ruin to help you in battle.

Then you really want to work out who your 5 best teams will be, and this depends on who you have unlocked and what stage of the game you are. But the good news is, that the event will adjust according to your own strength in the game to make it fair for everyone to try to get through it.

If you don't know much about commanders, then check out our Best Commanders guide which will give you an idea of who is great to use..

Exploring The Golden Kingdom
Exploring The Golden Kingdom

The idea for each level is to discover and defeat the Guardian Chief of each level, then they can proceed to the next one. During the earlier levels, it may be an idea however to kill the other guardians to gain more rewards and buffs that can be used later.

Look out for the hospital too which will heal a proportion of your wounded. This is not an easy event to play because the difficult does match your player strength, there is no free ride for t5 players here.

Battles in The Golden Kingdom

The setup for Golden Kingdom looks very familiar, it's just like Sunset Canyon, you select up to 5 marches and place them at the front or back row. For the duration of your turn at the event, you cannot change the marches, but you can move them around, and they can be healed.

Check out who you face each round and move your marches accordingly so you set up with your infantry against cavalry, but not archers, your archers against infantry but not cavalry and your cavalry against archers and not infantry.

Exploring The Golden Kingdom

The idea of the event is that you tap away the fog on the map to find the Guardian Chief, defeat him, and then move to the next level. But around each level there are scattered other opponents to defeat, and you may have to encounter them in battle to be able to move more of the fog.

Around each level you may find chests, healing stations and buffs to help you along in your journey, so it's definitely worth looking around.

Collect loot to purchase buffs in The Golden Kingdom
Collect loot to purchase buffs in The Golden Kingdom

We hope you also like this new event in Rise of Kingdoms, check out our questions page where you can post your Rise of Kingdom questions and help others out by answering a few yourself!

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