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Ceroli Crisis

Ceroli Crisis
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The Ceroli Crisis was added to Rise of Kingdoms in an October update is Patch 1.0.25.

The Ceroli Crisis
The Ceroli Crisis

Basically you team up with 3 other players, these can be via an invite link in a chat, or via random match, or a mixture of both, then as a team you try to defeat the barbarian horde in front of you.

There are multiple levels, and you must start of on Easy, and once you have defeated that level, the next level is unlocked all the way up to Hell!

You get 10 chances to claim rewards in the event and the best rewards are on completion of the Hell level, although it is extremely hard.

The recommendation is to use cav, so if you have strong Cao Cao and Minamoto, that could be your best set up. Buffs work in this event, so if you want to make a basic army expansion buff and increased attack buff, that will help! As well as dealing high damage per second, you need a set of troops that will be able to run fast and duck under the peace shields.

Watch out for the Special Powers
Watch out for the Special Powers

There are two main dangers to watch out for.... Your team mates exploding! And the Barbarian special powers.

When your team mates are about to blow up, you'll see the note, watch out I'm gonna blow - Just move away from them, or they could move away from you so you are not caught in an explosion.

The other is when the arrows rain down from the barbarians, basically you'll need to be under the peace shield to avoid significant damage.

My advice would be to stay on the lookout for peace shields, and as soon as you see one, get under it as you know the barbarians will be shooting off their special power at any moment. You won't survive for long if you don't get under that peace shield.

Look out for the Peace Shields
Look out for the Peace Shields

You can only send one set of troops, so once they are dead, they are dead.

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