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Lohar's Trial

Lohar's Trial
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Lohar's Trial is a time-limited special event where you have to defeat Barbarians in order to gain prizes.

Lohar's Trial
Lohar's Trial

The initial stages are quite easy as you fight against low level barbarians but to get through the whole trial you will probably need to have at least Level 2 soliders, this requires big updates to both your City Hall and Academy and of course enough time to research Level 2 soldiers.

You can probably do this in a couple of days if you are starting the game from new. Prioritize military troop enhancements in the Academy and Level it up as much as your City Hall allows.

It all starts to get a bit difficult at around level 7 Barbarians, but even then if you have a big enough army you can defeat the Barbarians.

To find the Barbarians to fight, click the magnifying glass tool in the bottom left of your screen and select the level of Barbarian you want to encounter. Start with level 1 and work your way up. Concentrate also on building as many troops of all different types as you can. Also, upgrade your Commander as this will help your army to be stronger in battle.

It doesn't matter what level Barbarian you face on Lohar's trial, you'll receive a bone necklace for each defeat you make. However it does affect the amount of other stuff you receive, such as resources and tomes of knowledge.

For more difficult levels, try sending in you best commander and troops, then a few seconds later another commander and troops for a rally effect and you may get rewards for both sets of troops.

Junior Lohar
Junior Lohar

There is also a chance to receive a Lohar relic such as a Longbow, buckler or warspear. You will find these in your items in the 'other' section. You can use these items to summon Junior Lohar and his barbarians to a place near your City and then you can create a rally attack with your alliance to defeat him to gain great rewards.

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