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Halloween is Coming

Halloween is Coming
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There is a Halloween and Day off the Dead Special Event scheduled to run on Rise of Civilizations during 29th October til 4th November 2018.

Halloween Event
Halloween Event

You'll need to participate in various Halloween themed activities in the game to get Halloween items, a Halloween avatar and other rare items.

You collect Halloween candy and Jack O'Lanterns, then exchange them for special limited edition avatars.

But there is a lot more to this event than just that.

Check out the other new tabs that have appeared in the notes section...

Haunted Halloween

Haunted Halloween
Haunted Halloween

Loads of goodies to be had by logging daily for the duration of this event and completing normal tasks that you would probably be doing every day anyway. For each task you get, included in the rewards pack will be Sugar Skulls, you'll need these to exchange for gifts in the Halloween Gifts section.

Most of the tasks seem to focus on logging in daily, collecting resources from the map and making technical advances.

Festival Parade

Festival Parade
Festival Parade

Another Halloween event is the Festival Parade, basically you just need to send out your Commanders to gather resources on the map, defeat barbarians, or defeat barbarian forts for a chance to receive either a Halloween Candy Box, or a Jack O-Lantern.

There is a lot of gathering to be done in this Halloween Event, so you may want to check out which Commaders are good at helping you gather, if you have Joan of Arc, Cleopatra and Sarka, you may want to consider leveling them up to help you complete the gathering tasks more quickly.

You can check out our guide to the best Commanders here: Best Commanders

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