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The long awaited KvK event has started to be rolled out onto various servers. As usual, the developers are starting with the older Kingdoms and will roll out this update to other servers soon after.

The KvK event will last a number of months and pit your kingdom against other kingdoms in the ultimate battle of Rise of Kingdoms.

Kingdom vs Kingdom will start off with the event, The Next Crusade:

The Next Crusade - KvK
The Next Crusade - KvK

The Next Crusade - Instructions
The Next Crusade - Instructions

In preparation for The Next Crusade it is recommend that you stock up on Action Point restore potions as you and your alliance will need as many as they can to gain the best rewards on offer in the Next Crusade.

The rewards for battling the Marauders in the Next Crusade are generally better than you get from defeating barbarians in any of the prior events, so it's a good idea to stock up on potions as soon as you can.

Your alliance members can sometimes receive AP (Action Point) potions as gifts when members of your alliance defeat a Barbarian Fort.

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