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Lyceum of Wisdom
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The Lyceum of Wisdom is a new building added to Rise of Kingdoms in April 2020.

It's a really important building because it is where a new continuous event, Peerless Scholar, takes place based on answering questions about the game and real history. Any governor that has reached level 10 and has built the Lyceum of Wisdom can participate

Lyceum of Wisdom
Lyceum of Wisdom

Peerless Scholar

The Peerless Scholar event is a rolling event which takes place monthly in Rise of Kingdoms. There are three stages to each event; Preliminary, Midterm and Final Exam. To qualify for the mid terms you have to complete enough of the preliminaries, which you can try to do every day, to qualify for the final exam, you need to complete one mid term during the month.

This is a fantastic event to pick up speedups and also if you get through the midterms and final exams, a great way to pick up some free gems too.

Peerless Scholar Questions
Peerless Scholar Questions

Questions are in multiple choice format, much like the one above. The great thing about the prelims is that you have unlimited time to answer the question. Check out all of the answers we have for Peerless Scholar on our Rise of Kingdoms Answers page.


Each Governor can participate in one Preliminary per day, which consists of 10 questions with no time limit on these questions.

Answering a question incorrectly will only affect the current question's reward and total rewards, Governors can continue to answer upcoming questions.

You can send up to three questions to your alliance chat if you need help.

Preliminary Rewards

As well as a small bundle of rewards (speedups, resources etc...), if you correctly answer 6 questions you will qualify for that week's midterm, and correctly answering 9 or more questions in total during one preliminary round will earn 1 Midterm Life Token. You can earn a maximum of 3 Midterm Life Tokens per week.


Unlike preliminaries, Mid Terms are live events, and there are two time slots where you can participate, although you can only choose one of these times:

Saturdays 02:30 UTC or 12:30 UTC

Midterm Participation Requirements

Correctly answer 6 or more questions in any single session of Preliminary for that week to qualify for the Midterm.

Governors can enter and wait at the answering panel 5 minutes before the start of the Midterm please be on time. In answering has already begun, the Governors can no longer enter the panel.

Midterm Instructions

There are 15 questions in every midterm exam, and unlike the preliminaries the questions are on a timer. Governors must complete all answers within the time limit,

Remember those Life Tokens that you earned in the preliminaries? Well if you have 3 of those then that will help you a lot here, because if you make a mistake then the exam is over at that point - unless you have a Life Token! So if you have 3 life tokens you can get three questions wrong and still pass the midterms and go on to try the final exam. Midterm Life Tokens are only usable during the Midterm exam.

Midterm Rewards

Governors who answered correctly 5, 10 or 15 questions in total will earn rewards. On the 10th or 15th correct answers, there will be an alliance reward.

Governors who answered correctly 15 questions (using life tokens count as answering correctly) will be eligible to a corresponding portion of a 1.5m Gems pool, and will qualify for that month's 'Peerless Scholar' Final Exam.

Final Exam

There is only one time for this exam and it is the last Saturday of the month you are playing the event in at 14:30 UTC

Final Exam Participation Requirements

Governors that have passed once mid-term in a month qualify to enter the Final Exam.

Governors can enter and wait at the answering panel 5 minutes before the start of the Final Exam. If the exam has already started, governors cannot enter.

Final Exam Instructions

The final exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions that are on a timer. Governors must complete the selection of answers within the time limit.

When governors no longer have a life token to use up, answering incorrectly will end the Final Exam. Governors are given 3 Life Tokens for the Final Exam on completion of successful completion of the Mid-Term,

Final Exam Rewards

Governors who answered correctly 5, 10 or 15 questions in total will earn rewards. On the 10th or 15th correct answers there will be an alliance reward.

Governors who pass the Final Exam will get an equal share of the 5 million Gems pool.

Our Rise of Kingdoms answers page is the best place to find all of the answers that you need for the Peerless Scholar event quickly and easily.

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