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How to Attack Barbarians Efficiently

How to Attack Barbarians Efficiently
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Battling Barbarians is an activity that most players will be doing on a day to day basis. This guide will aim to tell you which are the best commanders to use when fighting barbarians, and also introduce an advanced technique, chaining to allow you to use one lot of action points to attack multiple barbarians.

So, Barbarian battles on the map costs action points. you have 1000 of these to start with and as you use these action points, they are restored over time. The speed of restoration can be boosted with higher VIP levels and also finding runes on the map to increase action point recovery temporarily.

Some Commanders have the Peacekeeper talent tree option. These are the best commanders to use to engage in Barbarian battles as you can upgrade these commanders to select particular talents which reduce the action point cost for barbarian battles as well as increasing the rewards that you get from barbarian battles. Some commanders also will have higher attack and experience gains by unlocking certain skills available to them.

The best commanders to use when attacking barbarians on the map therefore are:

Cao Cao

These all have the peacekeeper talents available to them, there may be other commanders that have this talent tree also though.

At the beginning of the game, as soon as you unlock one of these commanders, upgrade them to unlock more of their peacekeeping talents to reduce the action point costs and increase the rewards of barbarian battles.

Later in the game you may unlock Aethelflaed, she is about the best commander to use to defeat barbarians later in the game because of here ability to attack more that one opponent at the time as well as having the peacekeeping talents. Team her with the Legendary Commander, Richard to heal the troops, and you'll have an awesome combination to take on any group of barbarians.

What is special about Aethelflaed, is that her skills allow you to chain barbarians by engaging with one group in battle, then moving towards another closeby group to engage them also at the same time but without using any more action points. It takes some practice, and it does not go right all of the time, but you can save a lot of action points by chaining barbarian attacks on the map.

Attack one Barbarian group then walk towards another
Attack one Barbarian group then walk towards another

Barbarian Chain Battle
Barbarian Chain Battle

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