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War Forever

War Forever
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War Forever is a time-limited special event which appears in Rise of Kingdoms from time to time.

You basically get a few days to defeat a ton of barbarians on the map to game some small resource and time boost items.

You only really get the good stuff if you can defeat 30 Barbarians in the time period - This is totally doable, so if you have the time, it's a good one to give a shot.

Check the rewards in the notepad item however as they may change from time to time. But you can expect items such as a golden key for defeating 30 barbarians.

War Forever
War Forever

The other thing to note is that while this events lasts a few days usually, your scores will reset every day. So you'll only get 24 hours to complete the goals, then on the next day you'll start over from the beginning and try to complete all the goals again.

The good thing is that you have more than one opportunity to complete this event, even if you complete it on day one, on day 2 you just start over and complete it again for more rewards if you want to.

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