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The Mightiest Governor

The Mightiest Governor
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This is a time limited, and regularly run special event. The rewards are big but so is the task!

The Mightiest Governor
The Mightiest Governor

However you don't have to win the thing outright to be a winner, there is a leaderboard and if you rank high enough on it you will also get some goodies, which could include gems.

To participate in the Mightiest Governor event check what you need to do in the tab. The event is split into numerous tabs, the first being focused on training troops.

Stage 1 - Focuses on training troops, train as many as you can to get high up no the leaderboard as the next day when the task changes, you cannot add to your stage I score.

Stage 2 - You will need to defeat Barbarians on the map. Each group you defeat will earn you a certain number of points. The higher the level of Barbarian that you defeat, the more points you will get.

If you get to 45,000 points, then you'll get a prize of 105 gems.

To achieve this goal, be prepared to use a load of action points, and some action point refreshes too.

Stage 3 - Gather resources. This is the easiest to complete as you'll be gathering loads of resources every day, and in the event it is not specific as to which resource you have to collect, so you can gather anything at it will count towards completing this part of the quest.

Stage 4 - Building Power. Here you need to complete building projects to benefit from the increased building power score. Each time a building is completed your building power score will complete. You can see how much power will be added for completing each building when you select an individual building and tap the upgrade icon.

Some people time it so for longer 4 day builds they start building on day 1 of the mightiest governor, so these buildings complete on the correct day to add power.

Stage 5 The Killing Stage! This is the worst part of the stage for me, because everyone gets points for killing other people's troops! So depending on what kingdom you are playing in will depend on the rules that your 'King' or 'Leader' assigns.

For example usually in our kingdom, Zone 2 is the safe zone, and nothing is allowed to be hit, otherwise you run the risk of being zeroed by a team later down the line. Zone 1 is kill farmers only and Zone 3, is usually anything goes! But that is just in on our particular server and it may be different for the kingdom/server that you are playing on.

Pay attention to the rules that are usually sent by mass mail, and if you don't want to fight or risk getting killed, teleport to a safe zone, or apply your peace shield for two days - Because this stage 5 event is a two day stage!

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