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Rise of Kingdoms Cheats and Tips

Rise of Kingdoms Cheats and Tips
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This page is intended to bring you our top tips that you can follow quickly and easily to become a better player in Rise of Kingdoms

1. Joining an Alliance

The only way to play this game really is with an alliance. Joining one is super simple. Tap the icon at the bottom right of the screen and select the Alliance button, in the settings, there is a link which says 'Alliance List' tap that and search for an alliance that suits your aspirations in the game. Remember that if you are very new, or very low power, the chances of getting accepted into a main alliance is quite slim. So go for a smaller one that has lots of members and looks fun. You can always move on to bigger alliances later if you outgrow them.

2. Use the Beginner Teleport

Once you have decided on an alliance and they have accepted you. Use the Beginner teleport (found in items - other) to move closer to your alliance. The icon is a fort with some arrows sticking out of it. But make sure you use the beginner teleport as that is only valid for a certain period of time before you use it.

3. Keep making troops

It doesn't really matter what type, just keep constantly making troops as these guys will be sent out all the time to gather stuff on the map and to battle Barbarians on the map too. For sure consider using speed ups to build up a decent sized army quickly. Take a look at what speed ups you have available 'Items - Speedups', but usually at the beginning of the game it's really easy to accumulate a lot of speedups. At the beginning there is no need to store them, you should use them when you can to make quicker progress.

4. Keep gathering resources

This is where you will get the most stuff, because in the beginning at least, resources from within your City are a little slow. Tap the map icon, then the magnifying glass to search for resources on the map and send troops there ot collect them. You can use the gathering boost (Items - Boosts) to make your troops gather resources from the maps more quickly.

5. Battle Barbarians

There are loads of barbarians all over the map, just zoom out a little and you'll see the red axe markers.... It's those guys, start from level 1 (You can also use the search feather, like yI explained above for resources) to find barbarians of your chosen level.

6. Complete the Daily Objectives

You get rewarded with 100 gems and other goodies if you manage to complete enough tasks in the Daily Objectives section.

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