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Alliance Healing Limits

Alliance Healing Limits
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In June 2020, Lilith has updated the game with some Alliance Healing Limits to limit governors to 1,000 helps per day. The update is intended to tackle the problems of bots and using the free alliance heals which is a bit of a problem on some servers and gives a very large unfair advantage to players that use bots to help automate the process of troop healing especially during kingdom vs kingdom wars.

Alliance Healing Limits
Alliance Healing Limits

Anything to tackle any bot issues I am in favor of, but whether or not this will work and the bot users will find a way round this latest update is another matter. At the moment the jury is out, and players across various discord channels and Facebook seem to split between thinking this is another way for Lilith to squeeze more money out of players by getting them to use more healing speedups because alliance healing will be greatly reduced.

Other players are welcoming the update and don't think it will have much affect on legitimate players that do not use bots.

It would not surprise me if after testing these limits in the next KvK the limits get adjusted if they are too restrictive or if people still find ways to bot heal. Because if bot healing continues while other non/bot players are restricted it will push the balance of power even further in the direction of the cheaters.

Let us know if you think you will be affected by the new alliance healing limits by dropping a comment below.

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