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Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands

Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands
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With the Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands event you can earn rewards and compete with other governors throughout your own Kingdom with this jigsaw puzzle challenge event. This event runs in conjunction with the Picking Up Pieces Event.

Basically via the Picking Up Pieces event you collect Puzzle Pieces. You get these randomly via Alliance Help (Tapping the Shaking Hands icon), defeating Barbarian Forts and Courier Station purchases.

While the drops for puzzle pieces are random, the game publishers have stated that there may be a limit to the number of Puzzle Pieces that be be obtained by certain methods, so keep your collection methods varied to get the best chances of getting puzzle pieces.

Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands Event
Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands Event

Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands

Once you have the required number of puzzle pieces the first puzzle becomes unlocked. Basically you view an image, and then try to complete it as a puzzle by dragging the pieces around.

It's as simple as that, and while you will probably be able to finish the puzzle without much effort, becoming top of the leaderboard with the best time is another matter!

Also your time will award you a number of stars,3,2 or 1 depending on how fast you completed the puzzle.

You will have 10 chances per puzzle to get the best time that you can.

Governors can receive special speed rating rewards by completing puzzles within specified times. Rank rewards will also be given out.

Governors that manage to complete all puzzles (regardless of difficulty level) will receive chest rewards.

When on the puzzle start screen, tap the question mark to see what times you need to try to get to receive the corresponding star.

To find out how to get puzzle pieces, check out our Picking Up Pieces page.

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