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Hallow's Eve

Hallow's Eve
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Hallow's Eve is a great Halloween event in Rise of Kingdoms running over 7 days during Halloween 2019.

Basically you collect as many Jack--Lanterns as you can by collecting from the City, from the map and defeating barbarians. Get more and more to unlock all 25 levels for the best rewards.

Hallows Eve - Halloween 2019
Hallows Eve - Halloween 2019

If you have 7000 gems you can also unlock the right side of the rewards which are even better. If you manage to get all 25 levels of the right side, then that will basically give you back 5500 gems anyway, so if you have enough action points to kill enough barbarians to get enough Jack o Lanterns then this is a very good value event to try to participate in.

You don't have to unlock the right side rewards straight away, you can wait until later, and you'll still get all of the rewards for the levels that you have already passed.

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