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Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks
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If you tap the scroll on the left of the screen, and select the lower tab, you will see a list of daily objectives with a number of chests that can be unlocked. The last check contains 100 gems so it is a really good idea to try to complete enough daily objectives to unlock the final chest which holds the gems.

The tasks don't really change and they are pretty easy to achieve. They involve finding resources on the map, increasing your army size, defeating barbarians on the map, and using boosts. All things that you will probably be doing anyway, so remember to check the list daily to see what you need to do to unlock that final chest.

As well as these daily objectives there are loads of other opportunities to get rewarded for playing. There are the main quests, side quests, special events, have a look around at the different markers around the sides of the games to check what needs to be done in order to gain the corresponding rewards.

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