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Warpath is a time limited special event that runs on the game from time to time.

To complete Warpath and get the attached bonuses you just have to make enough of all types of the military units; Infantry, Cavalry, Archer and Siege. All at least level 2.

For each type of unit, you must train at least 2000 of them of at least tier 2. And for the final reward, you need to train at least 10,000 tier 2 or higher units within the set time period.

It's a really good event to participate in because you always need to be producing troops in the game, and there are usually up to 4 gold keys on offer if you complete the tasks, so it's a good time to use some speed ups if you need to in order to get those free gold keys.

The other thing to note is that this runs for a few days and resets at midnight UTC for the duration of the event. This means that you can complete it multiple teams (once per day) for the duration of the event. It also means that every day you'll be starting from zero! So don't get caught out!

Good luck, and feel free to drop us a comment or question.

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