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Light and Darkness
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Light and Darkness is the second Kingdom vs Kingdom gameplay mode, two teams of four kingdoms (matched by the game) do battle over 42 days in a series of events. There are also about a weeks worth of pre-kvk events in order to gain the best buffs for your kingdoms, these are pretty much the same as the original kvk.

Pre KvK

Pre KvK is a great chance for you to personally get great speedup rewards and help your kingdom gain the top stop and therefore get the best buffs going into the main Light and Darkness Kingdom vs Kingdom event.

The first stage you need to kill barbarians on the field in order to collect parchments which are then converted into a chest for each set that you manage to complete. The rewards can be fantastic, for example, 3 day speedups! But the drain on your Action Points can be heavy. You should not use all your AP here, as the next pre Kvk event also requires you to use action points.

Unlike previous seasons, you have a marketplace option to trade with your alliance mates any parchments that you have too many of, for any that you need. So, it's really important that for this to work, your alliance is very active, if it's not, try to move to a more active alliance to get the full benefit of this trading system.

The second stage is training, and you can actually make a start on this during the first stage! If you can get the kingdom buffs for increased training speed, plus find a good training speedup rune, and get the Duke you should start off 4 20,000 troop training queues as as possible during the first stage of pre-kvk, with the aim for completing these queues during the training stage of this event.

The third stage you need to work with the rest of your alliance to destroy as many Marauder Forts as possible. These are basically like level 6 forts. You should have as many people as possible join each rally to maximise the amount of points collected for your alliance. Work together with your team mates to spread out throughout your map, not just in your usual alliance territory, check out all 3 zones on your map.

Light and Darkness

After the Pre-KvK events are over the portal will open up to the new Light and Darkness map and you should aim to get there as soon as possible to start earning points for your team.

The first priority is to gather, and complete nodes. The best ones to complete are the gem nodes as they are the quickest. Once your troops get home they will also bring back coins which you can use in the Grace of Soluna to help upgrade your teams technology for this event. You can only donate these in batches of 100, apart from generating Camp Technology Points you will also add to your individual honor points score.

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