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Heartfelt Words
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Heartfelt Words

Heartfelt Words is a time limited barbarian killing event whereby you seek to utilise one single army and amass the most cards that you can by defeating barbarians on the map.

You get different amounts of cards according to the level of the barbarians that you kill as follows:

Level 1-5 Barbarians = 1 Card
Level 6-10 Barbarians = 2 Cards
Level 11-15 Barbarians = 3 Cards
Level 16-20 Barbarians = 5 Cards
Level 21-25 Barbarians = 10 Cards

Heartfelt Words
Heartfelt Words

You really want to try to hit the level of barbarian that you can comfortably defeat without losing too many troops. If you are an advanced player then this will mean hitting the level 21 troops (for better efficiency).

Utilise commanders that have the peacekeeping talent tree unlocked and upgraded, this will maximise the action point cost reduction and certain talents will also allow your commanders to heal troops, thereby keeping a bigger army for the next battle.

I also recommend that you utilise a couple of items to help with this event these are:

Increased Troop Attack +5%
Increased Troop Capacity +25%

This will allow you to take more troops into battle and you'll suffer fewer casualties with a larger army.

As well as the four chests that are unlockable as you play through the event, you can also compete against other governors in your kingdom for special rewards which are given to the top 100 placed governors.

If you manage to rank first then you could be looking at a reward of 2000 gems, 20 legendary Commander Sculptures and a ton of speedups.

The chest rewards are as follows:

10 Card Chest: 20k Tome of Knowledge, 50k Food, 50k Wood, 37.5k Stone
40 Card Chest: 10 Carnation, 45 min building speedup, 45 min training speedup, 45 min research speedup
80 Card Chest: 20 Carnation, 7xLv3 Pick One Chest, 24 hour enhanced gathering, territorial teleport
150 Card Chest: 30 Carnation, 2 golden key, 3 silver key, 3 hour speedup.

Recommended Commanders

As mentioned previously, I prefer to tackle this event with my Peacekeeper specialised commanders, which for me are Boudica and Lohar, mine are quite well leveled so can basically hit any barbarian group and sustain minimal damage, these guys will be out on tour forever! Especially with the increased troop capacity and damage buffs!

Don't forget to click the setting which allows you to hold position after attack, this will ensure that your commanders don't return to base after an attack - thereby finishing your score at that point - and you'll have to start over if you want to get a higher score.

The Carnations can be used to unlock items in the Show Your Love event.

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