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Upgrading to a 6 Star Commander

Upgrading to a 6 Star Commander
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A six star commander is the maximum star level currently for any commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

And getting your commander to that six star level is a massive accomplishment in the game.

Once your commander has reached level 50, he or she will not be able to gain more XP until you have upgraded them from 5 to 6 stars. You are advised to be sure that you have enough stays to make the upgrade before spending loads of tomes of knowledge on them to get there, because if you cannot make the 6 star upgrade then they will not be able gain more XP until you can do it.

Upgrading Commander Star Level to Max, 6 Stars
Upgrading Commander Star Level to Max, 6 Stars

You'll need approximately 250 - 300 Dazzling Silver stars to upgrade your commander from level 5 to level 6, so you should always be on the lookout to try to collect as many silver and gold stars as you can every day.

Some easy ways to get stars are by completing as much of the Expedition as you can. Completing expedition bodes will give you daily expedition rewards which can be exchanged usually for at least one gold star and silver star every day, sometimes more.

Another way to get gold and silver stats is via opening chests in the Tavern. Gold and Silver stars are also regularly available in Special Events, and also you can purchase them in the VIP ship if you have unlocked enough VIP levels for them to become available.

In the VIP ship you should always look to purchase the maximum number available of gold and silver stars with gathered resources (not gems) each time the shop inventory refreshes (once a week).

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