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Arms Training

Arms Training
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Arms training is a special event that comes around regularly. You put a single troop march into battle against a single Lohar Barbarian hoard, you need to keep your single march out, and then defeat more and more barbarians which you need to summon from the event menu at a cost of 50 AP.

Arms Training
Arms Training

There are pretty decent rewards available for the top 10 finishers in your kingdom, and even the top 100 will get 100 gems. Apart from those end of event rewards, there are also four chest to unlock which offer a range of standard rewards ranging from materials to gold stars.

How to Play Arms Training

The most important things to consider when taking part in Arms Training is the following:

- You can only use 1 march

- There is no healing

- Buffs and skills which provide damage bonus against barbarians do not work in this event

- You can have multiple tries

So, considering all of the above, you are given ample chances to try out the commander combinations that will work best for you. Who you choose will really depend on who you have available and at what level. What you probably don't need is a barbarian specialist, someone that has attack multiple enemy skills, or a commander that has healing skills.

It's really hard to make a recommendation because everyone will have different commanders and at different levels. I have Alex epertised, so for me, he is the perfect choice because he is more about the shield than healing, then I need to choose a partner for him. I have tried Martel, who I have at 5154, with 200k T5 infantry and managed 270000 points.

My second attempt was with Alex (expertised) and Constantine 5511, and manged the complete all battles.

Arms Training Tips

Infantry commanders seem to be the best selection as Lohar has a buff against Cavalry and Archers

Remember to put the 50% march size and increased attack or defense buff.

Get an appropriate rune for another buff.

If there are closeby barbarbians your active march may be able to benefit from buffs from closeby fighting by another commander such as Joan or Alex.

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