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Founder of Civilization

Founder of Civilization
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Founder of Civilization is a a two day event where you need to increase building power. There are milestone awards from 6,000 to 155,000 building power increases.

Unless you have timed it so your big building upgrades will finish during this event, you'll probably need to use speedups to complete all of the milestones.

Here is a list of the rewards:

Building Power increase by 6,000 250k food, 250k wood, 30 min builder speedup
Building Power increase by 37,500 750k food, 750k wood, 562.5k stone, 200k gold
Building Power increase by 85,000 35k tomes, 5 hours builder, research and hospital speedups
Building Power increase by 155,000 10 Dazzling Starlight Sculptures, 9 hour speedup

The rewards are not fantastic, but you'll need to complete building upgrades anyway, and speedups are good to use during events. You can work out how much extra power a building upgrade gives you by tapping the up arrow icon when you select a building to be upgraded.

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